Hope Food Club tackles ongoing food poverty through access to healthy, affordable food


In Hope's ‘social supermarket’ or Food Club, people on low incomes and benefits can join a club, allowing them to buy food and other goods at massively below the price paid in supermarkets. We also give some things away free!

Some of the veg supplied in 2018 will be grown by Hope in its gardening projects - see the Hope Gardening page on this site.

We distribute food through community centres and hubs in Northampton, starting small initially then growing.

Our first partners are Growing Together Northampton, the Doddridge Centre in St James, Bellinge Community House and the Northampton Credit Union, now called Harvest Money, giving all club members access to banking and loans.

If you know someone who might benefit, please send them to us



THURSDAY - Dodddrige Community Centre, St James, 10 -12

FRIDAY - Blackthorn Community Centre, 8.30-10.30:

Brookside Community Hub 11-12.30;

Bellinge Community House, 1.30-3.30pm



We always need volunteers to help run this project. These can include corporate groups or individuals. Please contact us via volunteering@northamptonhopecentre.org.uk to make a real difference!

Hope Catering sandwiches

We welcome donations of food from any source, including shops and supermarkets - please contact us if you want to donate or bring to our warehouse on Kingsfield Way Northampton, off Gladstone way, behind the old Oliver Adams factory, loading bays on the left, unit H4/A. Ring us to organise delivery on 08455 199371

Our vision about food

Read more about Hope's wider views on food here

Read more about the project here: Overview     Q and A

Academic studies of food poverty and solutions can be found here

This is not a food bank. Its a membership food club where people pay, in line with a growing realisation that food banks are not the only answer to chronic, ongoing food poverty:

Why we charge for food

For media coverage of this type of project, see here and here

For an academic review of foodclubs, read here

Our crowdfunding film tells you lots about how this project works. View it here

The project is part of Northampton's Sustainable Food Strategy. Read about that here

Why we need a local sustainable food strategy

We are members of the Independent Food Aid Network. and an international member of the Good Food Organisations Canada network

Hope Catering sandwiches




To contact food club ring 08455 199371

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