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Hope Charity Shop

 Hope Centre Enterprises has opened a pop-up charity shop in Abington Street Northampton - opposite the library and Poundland, selling affordable clothes and other goods to people on tight budgets – it's part of our mission to tackle poverty and low income.

You can buy Hope Tools at the charity shop - parking outside

Can you help with donations or even volunteering? Contact

Donatiosn for the shop cna be brought in duirng opening hours - 10-4 Mon-Sat


Advising business about social responsibility (CSR) and promoting social enterprise

Hope can advise any company on how it can improve its own mission or CSR and make a difference to society, by engaging staff and clarifying, communicating and expanding their social action. Being involved with a charity, aned encouraging staff to raise money by physical activities, for example, as My Home Move (left) did, is a way of developing CSR, staff productivity and health, all in one go

We promote our own vision of social enterprise and the difference they can make to society. We are actively involved with the social enterprise mark and spoke at their annual conference in 2018.