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Hope Tools - High quality recycled garden tools made by homeless people learning new skills

Hope Tools - recycled garden tools and training for homeless people

During the coronavirus lockdown we are closed

However we are currently looking for a new manager to run the project from when lockdown ends. see Hope's social media or Indeed for details.

Hope Tools recycles and refurbishes garden and other tools for sale, to provide learning and work experience for people who need help getting back into work, and to raise funds.

In a small, supportive work environment where people learn at their own pace, we turn broken tools into serviceable, long-lasting and beautiful products for any consumer.

Ideal for allotment gardeners, professional gardeners and leisure gardeners alike.

Trainees have the opportunity to build their confidence and self-esteem; learn how to use machinery and tools, deal with customers, handle marketing and retail, and work alongside others. We also offer opportunities to practice welding and can make artwork in metal. Its an ideal setting for people with mental health issues, working in a structured, safe environment, and for older people who are isolated.

We always need volunteers to help run this project: especially if you have skills in working with tools, carpentry or welding.

We can sharpen or service your own tools, or repair valued tools. We can even make tools suitable for your size and shape, with longer or shorter handles. Come into our workshop to discuss.

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 Hope Tools can be bought at:

Our workshop at 37 Ash St Northampton, NN1 3HW (Mon-Wed 10:00 to 16:00, but donations of old tools can be made every day)

Coton Manor Gardens (see their website for opening times)

Smiths Farm Shop, Brampton Way Northampton NN6 8AA

Hope Charity Shop  61 Abington Street Northampton, NN12AW, 10-4 Mon-Sat, parking outside!
The Horti-hub at the Beehive, Harborough Rd, Kingsthorpe, Northampton NN2 8LR

Deene Park Gardens Corby Northamptonshire NN17 3EW (see their website for opening times)

Tools for donation can be brought to our workshop, and to:

Yardley Hastings Garden Centre. and the Hortihub


Hope PAT Testing provides a perfect Portable Appliance Testing service for all your office or home electrical appliances. Make sure your organisation follows Health & Safety guidelines.

 Discount rates for larger volumes.

Contact both Hope Tools and PAT testing on 01604 210434 or 01604 214300 or email workshop@hopeenterprises.org.uk

If you have bought or liked tools you have bought from Hope, please email testimonials about them to the address above!

Hope Catering sandwiches

Funded by the Vegware community fund and ESF/Big Lottery BBO